Siemens push buttons description



As we have seen, the control is navigated using the Siemens push buttons on the keyboard and the horizontal and vertical softkeys.

Siemens keyboard

Horizontal softkeys are the software buttons located in the bottom bar of the screen; the vertical softkeys are located in the bar to the right of the screen.

Siemens push buttons - horizontal and vertical softkeys

As regards the SPECIFIC buttons of the SIEMENS control that make up the SIEMENS keyboard, they are those that I highlight in the photo below. The others correspond to the classic buttons that we could find in a normal computer keyboard.

Specific buttons of the Siemens control


Siemens - Machine key Calls up the “Machine” operating area in which the machine status is displayed.
Siemens - Program key Call up the “Program” operating area to edit and display the last edited program.
Siemens - Offset key Calls up the “Parameters” operating area to display or modify tool parameters, origins, R parameters and GUD/LUD variables.
Siemens - Program manager key Calls up the “Program Manager” operating area to manage files and programs.
Siemens push buttons - Alarm key Calls up the “Diagnostics” operating area to manage and display messages and alarms.
Siemens push buttons - Alarm cancel key Deletes alarms and messages marked with this symbol.
Siemens push buttons - Group channel key In the case of multiple channels, switch between them.
Siemens - Help key Calls up the context-related online help for the selected window.
Siemens - Select key In selection lists and selection fields, continues between several predefined possibilities.

Activates the check box.

In the Program Manager and program editor, select a program block or program.

Siemens - Arrows keys They correspond to the arrows on a keyboard. The right and left arrows open and close programs and cycles.
Siemens - Insert key Opens the editing field in input mode. By pressing the button again and exiting the field, all inputs are cancelled.

Opens a selection field and displays the selection possibilities.

Inserts a blank line for the G-code in the machining step program.

In the double-editor or multichannel display switches from editing mode to operating mode. Press the key again to return to editing mode.

Siemens - Input key Ends the entering of a value in the input field.

Opens a directory or program.

Inserts an empty program block when the cursor is positioned at the end of a program block.

Inserts a character to mark a new line and the program block is split into 2 parts.

In G-code inserts a new line after the program block.

In the SHOPTURN/SHOPMILL program inserts a new line for a G-code entry.

In the double-editor or multichannel display switches from editing mode to operating mode. Press the key again to return to editing mode.


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