Siemens operator panel description

Description of the Siemens panel and description of the navigation functions MENU SELECT, touch screens guide


Siemens operator panel description – TOUCH SCREEN VERSION

As mentioned in the video lesson about the Siemens operator panel, with the latest SIEMENS versions it is possible to have a touch screen. Obviously it will also depend on the machine manufacturer who may offer it as an option. In case you are operating on a machine with a touch screen you will use a lot the MENU SELECT button which is located in the top right corner as shown in the video lesson.

Siemens operator panel - Menu select key

Also for the touch, or to be precise multi-touch, versions, I report the functionality of gestures:

Siemens operator panel - Tap Tap

● Selecting windows
● Selection of objects (e.g. NC block)
● Activation of input fields
– Entering or overwriting values
– Repeated tap to change value

Siemens operator panel - 1-finger vertical scrolling (flick) 1-finger vertical scrolling (flick)

● Scrolling through lists (e.g. programs, tools, work zero offset)
● Scrolling through files (e.g. NC program)

Siemens 840D - 2-finger vertical scrolling (flick) 2-finger vertical scrolling (flick)

● Page-by-page scrolling in lists (e.g. NPV)
● Page-by-page scrolling in files (e.g. NC programs)

Siemens 840D - 3-finger vertical scrolling (flick) 3-finger vertical scrolling (flick)

●Scrolling at the beginning or end of lists
● Scrolling at the beginning or end of files

Siemens operator panel - 1-finger horizontal scrolling (flick) 1-finger horizontal scrolling (flick)

● Scrolling in lists with several columns

Siemens oeprator panel - Zooming in (spread) Zooming in (spread)

●Zoom in on graphical content (e.g. simulation, view for mould construction)

Siemens oeprator panel - Zooming out (pinch) Zooming out (pinch)

● Zoom out on graphical content (e.g. simulation, view for mould construction)

Siemens 840D - 1-finger movement (pan) 1-finger movement (pan)

● Moving graphic content (e.g. simulation, view for mould construction)
● Moving list contents

Siemens 840D - 2-finger movement (pan) 2-finger movement (pan)

● Rotation of graphical content (e.g. simulation, view for mould construction)

Siemens operator panel - Tap and pressure Tap and pressure

● Opening an object for editing purposes (e.g. NC block)

Siemens operator panel - 2-finger touch (tap) 2-finger touch (tap)

Calling up a context menu (e.g. copy, insert)

Siemens operator panel - Tap with the 2 index fingers Tap with the 2 index fingers

● Simultaneous touch with the two index fingers in the right and left corner to open the TCU menu.


Most touch gestures correspond to the functions of any other touch device. You will mainly use the functions associated with the simulation screen; all view rotations performed with the touch of a finger to move the view and zoom functions performed with the opening or closing of two fingers.



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