Operating on Siemens 840D

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The Operating on Siemens 840D course covers all aspects of using the numerical control. Starting from the description of the Siemens buttons and the operator panel, the operating functions necessary to perform all the most common procedures will be described, such as: tool measuring, setting the work zero offset and selecting a program to carry out. It will also cover very in-depth and advanced operational aspects such as the use of the TeachIn function, program restarts and table and window configurations. This course contains everything an operator needs to know about a SIEMENS840D control.

75€ (VAT excluded)

Course description

The Operating on Siemens 840D course covers all aspects of the use of numerical control, both for turning and milling. Starting with a description of the Siemens buttons and the operator panel, we will cover the operational functions needed to carry out all the most common procedures, such as tool measuring, set the work zero offset and starting a program automatically.

We will also cover very in-depth and advanced operational aspects, such as block search functions, the various program influence functions (DRYRUN, RG0 etc.). Many activities will be carried out directly on board the machine, both on a vertical lathe and on a boring machine. All the information necessary for correct data and program management will be included. In addition, each lesson of the Siemens 840D course will be accompanied by an in-depth analysis of the topics covered.


  • Minimal knowledge of a CNC machine.
  • Minimal knowledge of CNC machining concepts.

Frequently asked questions

  • What topics are covered?

  • All aspects concerning the use of the SIEMENS840D numerical control and its main operating activities are covered. Starting from how to navigate in the NC, to how and where to manage all the data (TOOLS and ORIGINS) to how to do the tool measuring and to set the work zero offset. All the functions for managing files and the EDITING program interface are described. All the procedures for using the machine in MANUAL, MDA and automatic mode are shown.
  • For whom is it intended?

  • The course is essential for those who have to work on the SIEMENS 840D numerical control. The course is suitable both for those who are approaching the Siemens 840D numerical control for the first time and for those who are already working on it. Although the course starts with the basics, little known information is provided which is also extremely useful for those who have been working on the control for a long time.
  • For which version of the SIEMENS control?

  • As this is an operational course, the version of the control is important, as the use of the control is specifically covered. The course is specific to the 840D version. Siemens 840D is the most widely used version in the SIEMENS world, so it is useful for those who decide to start with a numerical control.
  • How is the course delivered?

  • Once you have purchased the course, you will immediately have the lessons of the course available in your personal area to follow as you wish. Each lesson, in addition to a video part, is accompanied by a supplementary worksheet.The lessons do not have an expiry date and the user has unlimited access to the lesson material.
  • Only theory or also practice?

  • As well as covering the topics in a theoretical way, the course also demonstrates the operational activities directly on board the machine. In fact, tool measuring, work zero offset and program restart procedures will be seen directly on board the machine. Furthermore, in the first lesson, you will be given all the information you need to download and configure the Siemens Sinutrain simulator for free, on which you can practise directly trying out what is explained in the course.
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Operating on Siemens 840D

Exercises performed

There are no exercises in this course.

Operating on Siemens 840D



Siemens push buttons description


Tool data management

Tool management in the Siemens 840D control. Tool list and description of the main parameters of the milling and turning tools.

Tool data

Definition of the turning tool tip orientation and geometric parameters

Tool call

Tool call functions and tool magazine loading

Cutting edge D

Management, application cases and machine data relating to the use of multiple cutting edges

Origins management

Set, correct and rotate a work zero offset

Files management

Types, creation and files management

Creating a new program

SHOPMILL/TURN programming or G codes

Program editing

Functions and settings of the program editing

Operator panel

Operative controls, in JOG machine movement, WCS/MCS keys

Siemens operator panel description

Description of the Siemens panel and description of the navigation functions MENU SELECT, touch screens guide

JOG operativity

State windows, TSM and POSITION functions


How to download, install and configure SINUTRAIN

Work zero offset

Work zero offset procedure with manual and electronic probe

Tool measuring – MILLING

Milling tool measuring procedure

Origins and tool measuring – LATHE

Origins and tool measuring procedure in turning

MDA operative mode

Description and use examples of MDA mode

Automatic execution

AUTOMATIC start program and control tools

Stop program

Stop, restart and block research procedures

Program control

Changes and functions

Introduction to the Siemens 840D course

Brief introduction to the Siemens 840D course: how the course is structured and an overview of the topics covered.

The Teacher

Zanetti Paride developed his skills in CNC programming as a boy in his family’s mechanical workshop. After completing his university studies, and after some work experience as a CNC programmer, he started a small CNC programming and training company. He runs set-up courses for both lathes and boring and milling machines with FANUC, SIEMENS, FAGOR, SELCA and HEIDENHAIN controls. He currently collaborates on training and programming with a number of machine tool builders including PAMA, GORATU, COLGAR, LAGUN, FAGIMA, CAMU and various dealers. He has numerous training experiences both in Italy and abroad.

Operating on Siemens 840D