Macro CNC

Discover the benefits of CNC macros!

Macro CNC

Macros are parametric programs that allow you to create a series of operations and movements that generate a preset machining operation. Our macros are created specifically for the major numerical controls: Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain and Fagor.

Among the benefits of having a macro are certainly the reduction in programming time and the increase in reliability. The use of macros allows operators to be autonomous in program testing, during which they can change parameters according to different machining operations and requirements. With macros you can program complex operations on the machine quickly and safely, with reduced test program times compared to standard programming.

Why buy a macro when fixed cycles exist?

Each of the macros for sale was created precisely to make up for the lack of cycles used for some machining or functionality, but these are done on a regular basis and would always take too long to rewrite and might lead to errors.

On each macro page you will find a buying guide, up-to-date manuals, and data sheets to fully understand the potential of each one.