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Table offset recalculation

Macro for Siemens 840D controls to recalculate the offset after a table rotation. The ideal macro for all those working with rotary tables on both vertical and horizontal machines and boring machines. Thanks to two application modes, it can be adapted to the various requirements, providing two cases of use: the first case, typical of boring machines, generates new offset while the second, typical of machining operations following the table such as toothed wheels, pallets, etc., performs a temporary translation of the offset.

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Code: SI01-EN
Numerical control: SIEMENS 840D

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The macro-instruction recalculates the offset in relation to the centre of the table following rotation of the rotary table. This macro can be used to create a new rotated or rotated and shifted offset from any basic offset by setting the table rotation degrees. The offset recalculation macro provides two modes of use to adapt to the various needs: the first mode creates a new offset recalculated in relation to the table centre, a typical case of machining on boring machines where you want to have new offsets but recalculated from the initial one, in order to be able to work independently on all the offsets in the finishing phases.

A second case of use involves temporarily moving the active datum using the TRANS function to reach the new datum position after a table rotation. At the end of the machining process, deactivating the TRANS function will return you to the offset originally set. This second option is typical of machining with table following, where the table positions are numerous and always linked to an offset. The definition of the table centre can be made in the basic frame inside the offset table or directly inside the macro itself with internal parameters. The macro can be used both in the case of horizontal machines where the offset recalculation involves the X and Z axes, and in the case of vertical machines where the offset recalculation involves the X and Y axes.

Two programming examples are given below.


TABLEFRAME(-25,55,-600,-200,0,-240,0,0) ;G55 B-25

TABLEFRAME(-120,56,0,0,0,-580,-200,1200);G56 B-120
TABLEFRAME(180,57,0,0,0,250,-200,1500);G57 B180

D1 S1500 F450 M3

G54 G0 B0
TRANS X-160 Y-200

G55 B-25

G56 G0 B-120

G57 G0 B180

G0 X0 Y0
G0 Z150
G0 Z150
G0 SUPA Z0 Y2500


G0 B=R1

The macro is fully configurable. You can use internal parameters to define the name of the axis associated with the rotary table and the type of machine. The position of the table centre for recalculating the offset can be defined within the macro itself or in the basic offsets. Indispensable macro for those working on boring machines with rotary table or horizontal machining centres.

Table offset recalculation

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Table offset recalculation


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How do I know what exactly the macro does?

Click on the ‘MANUAL’ icon to find the macro documentation with examples and parameter descriptions. Pay particular attention to the last paragraph ‘Warnings’.

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How do I load the macro into the machine? 

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On how many machines in my workshop can I use the macro?

With the purchase of the machine you also acquire the licence to use the macro for all the machines in your workshop. It is not possible to sell or transfer the macro to third parties. For more information, please read the contractual conditions carefully.

Why are some macros not saleable online?

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