Bundle box Siemens840D
Bundle box Siemens840D

Siemens bundle

Siemens training course bundle

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Buy our Siemens course bundle, a purchase package that contains all the training courses dedicated to Siemens numerical control.

Siemens control is among the most widely used in manufacturing companies, and thanks to its completeness of cycles and functions it can be fitted to different types of machines, which is why it is adopted in the most important production companies that wish to standardize the steering unit of their machine tools.

The Siemens course bundle is a proper journey within the skills needed by an operator on CNC machine tools. Beginning with the first module on operating on Siemens control, all operating procedures to be performed on the machine, both lathe and milling machine, tool offset, zero offset both analog and electronic with measuring probes will be covered. All procedures for starting, stopping and restarting with the program will be described, and all functions in the various operating modes will be learned.

The Siemens course with its next two modules specifically addresses Siemens milling programming, starting with a basic module in which syntax and contour programming concepts will be covered and ending with label management and coordinate transformation cycles (ROT, TRANS, MIRROR and SCALE).

With the second milling module, the programmer profile will be fully formed by going into intermediate level topics. In the third module, in addition to completing profile programming skills, lessons will be devoted to SHOPMILL conversational programming, DXF importer, residual material cycles, and the graphical profile editor.

The SIEMENS course consists of more than 60 lessons to be accessed at times and in ways most comfortable to the student. The lessons are enriched with videos of machining operations, tutorials, in-depth discussions, data sheets and quizzes to verify your knowledge.

At the end of each module, an attendance certificate for the course will be awarded.

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This bundle includes:

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